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Immerse yourself in a premium escape room experience…

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Immerse yourself in a premium escape room experience that will blow your mind at Missing Klues in Orange – located in the heart of the Central West of NSW.

What is an escape room?

An escape room is an interactive experience based on the idea that you and your friends, family or colleagues have 60 minutes to complete an objective and escape from a themed room. Search for clues and solve puzzles in an epic race against the clock!

The Missing Klues rooms…

The Missing Klues escape rooms are ideal for couples, families, date nights, girls’ nights, special occasions and events, or your next unforgettable corporate team building outing!

The three different escape rooms feature something for everyone with difficulty levels based on pirate, pharaoh, and jungle themes. Our escape rooms are guaranteed to be an adventure you will be challenged with and enchanted by over and over again!

Whether that objective is investigating a mysterious jungle, an abandoned pirate hut, or deep in the ancient tomb of a pharaoh is up to which experience you choose.

Please note - our escape rooms are for all ages 12 years and over! Children under the age of 16 require full adult supervision.

Pirate Room

Join us at Missing Klues for the ultimate pirate experience! Imagine you are in the very heart of the Caribbean Sea in paradise on a tropical island. It won’t be long before you realise it is not so heavenly though. An abandoned pirate hut on a cliff becomes a trap as its bloodthirsty one-eyed owner is set to return from hunting soon. Believe us, he will make you his trophy with immense pleasure. Are these silent walls what you wish to see in the last moments of your life?

24 puzzles for a 60minute game.

Pharaoh Room

If visiting the tomb of a pharaoh is on your bucket list, why not warm up with a session at Missing Klues in Orange? As you know, in ancient Egypt, the pharaohs were buried with their treasures. Imagine you are one of the archaeologists on a quest to acquire the artifacts when you realise you should not have opened the sarcophagus after all. Do you hear that noise? That’s the mummy of the pharaoh. I think he woke up!

19 puzzles for 60minute game.

Jungle Room

Escape to the Jungle Room at Missing Klues in Orange. Having heard the mysterious sound of drums, your friends and you decide to investigate an abandoned garret. You suddenly find yourself involved in a game you didn’t sign up for. Strange sounds and mysterious animals appear from different sides. Not only the game result, but your future depends on your next key steps.

24 puzzles for a 60minute game.

Did you know...

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